Clarke Quay Central Singapore River

Clarke Quay is a unique well conserved historical landmark located on the upstream side of River Singapore. The area has earned itself a reputation of being among world class attractions one should not miss in Singapore bearing the most exciting nightlife scenes. There are plenty of excellent restaurants in Clarke Quay surrounded by a river making it a perfect choice for dining at the banks of the river at any preferred time of the day. For more splendor, you can choose to cruise along the River Singapore especially at night. Riviere Condo is located near to Clarke Quay Central and is located near to the development by Frasers Property.

Clarke Quay Central Near to Singapore River

Clarke Quay was originally used as a dock for loading and unloading cargo for the warehouses, malls and commercial houses along the Singapore River. In the mid 1800’s port activities were gradually relocated to other areas such as Keppel Harbour leaving Clarke quay in a declining state. This occurred due to pollution of the river forcing the government shift the cargo activities. It was later cleaned up and developed into an entertainment district with commercial activities still being carried out.

Clarke Quay Central Located Near to Zouk

The area acquired its names from Sir Andrew Clarke who served as governor to the Straits Settlement. The quay has a rich history that has been put into consideration with new buildings complementing historical being of the town. During its reopening in 1993 it was touted as a family friendly attraction with heritage elements from Singapore’s past. The streets were later lined with 80 gaslights that were manually lit every evening to create a nostalgic atmosphere and evoke the past.

Clarke Quay Central Nightlife

At present, the old colonial shopping centers moored Chinese junks have been redeveloped and converted into beautiful restaurants, night clubs, chic pubs and floating pubs. Among the ancient tenants at the Clarke Quay is The Cannery and The Arena. The Arena was to be home to the country’s first permanent illusion show at the beginning of 2008.The famous restaurants and night clubs in the area are the likes of Club Indochine and the Hooters. The area is considered the hub of Singapore’s night clubs and now hosts the nightlife institution, Zouk, which was previously on another street. The most exciting attractions is hosting the CQ’s (Clarke Quay’s) signature events that take place once every quarter.

If you keep moving upstream to the mouth of the Singapore River there delighting monuments and architectural designs of the ancient Singapore. The other exciting event to enjoy in Clarke quay is bungee jumping. The most common is the G-Max Bungee, involves jumping in the reverse direction while soaring into the area’s skies leaving you thrilled and yearning for more adventure. The street performance that taking place along the Singapore river have made the area a party destination and dining for tourists as well as the locals. You can pay a visit to the Clarke Quay and enjoy the nightlife institutions and the thrilling adventures of the area.

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