Frasers property now operates one of the most diverse development and value addition portfolios in the world. The company is committed to adding value to the stakeholders and providing memorable experiences for all the customers. Different categorization of asset classes have been developed across making Frasers property one of the most established. The company now run iconic business in China, Europe, Singapore and Australia and the footprint cuts 80 cities in Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North America.

Located next to the Singapore River and next to Burberry’s Singapore Office, Riviere Condo in Singapore offers prime Singapore River real estate. Located next to prominent business and shopping destinations like the Singapore Entrepreneurs Festival, SBS Korea, China Town, the GE Plaza, the Singapore Film Festival, as well as the Night Safari, the condos are a great investment opportunity for those looking to enjoy the hustle and bustle of modern business with all the amenities and value added benefits of Singapore city life. The area of Singapore River is one of the most attractive places to invest in luxury real estate properties, with an excellent selection of high-rise luxury condominiums and town houses.

Frasers Property in Established Developer

The company is committed to shaping the real estate sector by offering unique services for residential, retail, commercial, logistic and hospitality. With the main focus targeting on the industrial properties, Frasers Property has invested on major projects to transform lives. The total asset is approximated at S$32 billion according to the latest valuation as at September 2018.
Great portfolio that is operated by the company factors in every risk that may exist and makes hospitality perfect by creating modern world class development. All the sectors that are handled by the Frasers property are listed which is an indication of the good financial strength of the company. The company has also enjoyed great experience in the market and now offers freedom, control and choice to different communities and businesses.

Frasers Property Real Estate Developer

All the services that are offered by Frasers Property  are under great influence of technology and modern development. It has extended great collaboration with other market leaders to revolutionize the real estate sector. Both the environment where the development is done and the nature of projects have a lot to say about the company. Working with great experts in the market has shown great commitment and belief.

Through the company different projects have seen successful as it manages, own and delivers unique properties. The globe now celebrates what Frasers property has done as a top developer in the residential sector. Some of the largest malls in the world are as a result of the world brand Frasers which has most of its operators based in Singapore.

Frasers Property Shopping Mall and Office

Frasers Property has converted its experience in the market to give land beauty and add value to different investors. Singapore has seen over 20000 homes sold after successful development under the company. Modern business spaces, offices and shopping malls are now under the direct management of Frasers. Some of the regions that enjoy current development of the company include Vietnam, China and Thailand where development properties are now ongoing.

Projects management of business parks have added value to the position of the company. The company has received different recognition across the world for the exemplary work that they do with the latest from 2018 Singapore Corporate Award.