If you are looking for Riviere prices, you are in the right place at the right time. You will have to pay around S$1732 per sqft here. If you think that the price is high, you might be wrong. We say this because the plot is located on an excellent location so that you can recoup your money as soon as possible. We are going to talk about more than that here. We will let you know what FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd has been doing these days to get the plot they need. They are working hard to develop some of the most amazing buildings in Singapore, and you might also be part of the journey.

Riviere Jiak Kim Street Prices

FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd paid a high price for a plot at Jiak Kim Street. But this investment is worth every penny because it has all they need to make big money. The location is just awesome to build luxury apartments that tenants will just love. This is a bullish investment, according to some folks, but FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd knows what to do so they can truly generate the desired ROI that they have been seeking. They paid more money per square foot than their competition but they know what they are doing.

Riviere Luxury Home Prices

FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd has invested wisely because the condo that they will develop will have the outstanding views that its tenants expect from a luxury condo like the one that will be built there. Since the new condo will be near Havelock and Kim Seng, it will have the accessibility that you want to see here. GuocoLand was the second-highest bidder for the plot, and they bid more than USD$500,000. Yes, they were willing to pay big money for this plot because they knew that they will make their money back quickly and easy by so doing. They must be made their tikam-tikam expedition at the right tender.

Riviere Prices by Frasers Centrepoint Homes

FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd has been truly doing something awesome in the world of real estate. They have been acquiring some of the most important plots in Singapore so that they can truly serve the real estate market of this amazing nation. We have talked about the Riviere price here, and FRASERS Centrepoint Ltd is behind this condo. You might be part of the luxury journey here if you can afford it. If you can, you might live some of the most outstanding moments in your lifespan at Riviere Condo in Singapore.