Jiak Kim Street Tender

As a real estate buyer today, your purchase will attract you without a prescription. However, with the recent measures taken by the government, you must make a well-planned decision. As experts in the new releases, we are committed to helping today’s property buyers who need to know the right details. Based on statistical figures s, it is easy to find one like the ones Jiak Kim Street GLS.

Jiak Kim Street GLS

Jiak Kim Street GLS was initially situated on the GLS Reserve List and put on sale after receiving minimum offers of around $ 689.4 million. The FCL top screen has set the highest floor rate to achieve both a real residential location and a suburban location with a commercial component on the first floor under GLS. Also, it was noted that the tender was 39.9{fe1651efae7ea8f9856df347f41780f67844cac08462340e0c3b78592d0c579e} higher than the one that GuocoLand had previously paid for the plot at Martin Place in 2016, which is currently being allocated to the development of Martin Modern’s headquarters. Backed by its excellent location, it is likely that the limited offer of redevelopment sites in the region will be based on the average sale price of $ 2,343 in 2017 at Martin Modern, FCL from the new price at Jiak Kim Street for another increase of 7 {fe1651efae7ea8f9856df347f41780f67844cac08462340e0c3b78592d0c579e}, analysts said.

Jiak Kim Street Tender and Martin Place Guocoland

On the other hand, Allgreen Properties was also assigned to land packages on Fourth Avenue with a maximum bid of $ 552.96 million, exceeding six other developers in the tender. GLS IV was included in the GLS Reserve List and put on sale with a minimum of $ 450 million received in October 2017. The high price of land on the Fourth Avenue was reduced compared to the previous reference prices regulated by Allgreen companies, through its achievement of Royalville on the famous Bukit Timah Road, which was sold through a group sale. The latest development will be Jiak Kim Street Tender by Frasers Property. The name for the plot of land will be called Riviere Fraser Property.

Real Estate Developers Hungry for Land

When considering the tendering of land for both signatories, market observers have said that local developers still relied on the recovery property market and showed no signs of slowing by raising the prices of their foreign counterparts to these sites. Real estate developers continued to show signs of hunger on the site despite warnings from the Singapore government that the housing market could be overwhelming. In the latest tender for the sale of state-owned land, Frasers Centrepoint Ltd., based in Singapore, distributed ten more bids on a mixed-use site of 145,120 square feet on Jiak Kim Street, with a return at Hong Leong Holdings & Hong Realty of 955.41 Millions of dollars at only 0.6{fe1651efae7ea8f9856df347f41780f67844cac08462340e0c3b78592d0c579e} offer.

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