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Orchard Road is considered as one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore. However, Orchard Road is not only known for its deluxe shopping arcades. It has a rich and interesting history that dates back to the colonial period. There are many historical museums here that tell the full story of Singapore’s early days. The colonial buildings and other monuments continue to provide inspiration for the present day Orchard rowers. Riviere is located near to Orchard Road.

The Riviere Condo in Singapore River by Frasers Property is a fully modish condominium in the heart of the vibrant shopping and entertainment district of the Singapore River. With the latest architectural design and top-notch amenities, the Riviere Condo in Singapore River by Frasers Property is sure to be a hit in the new hot spot of the prime business district! Located on the eastern bank of the Singapore River, the condominium is just a short stroll from theioxiously named Victoria Square – the venue for the annual Singapore Chinese Festival, the largest Chinese festival in the world!

Orchard Road is divided into two parts – an area called Orchard Road South and an area officially known as Orchard Road North. Both sides of the road have a great deal of cafes, restaurants, and nightspots. The south side of Orchard Road is characterized by wide and smooth sidewalks, whereas the north side features buildings with straight and angled roofs. While most hotels are located on the north side, Orchard Resorts can be found on the south side. Most of Orchard’s restaurants are located on the third level of sky scrapers. They are mostly small restaurants and bistros that serve snacks and lunch meals.

The main attractions near to Riviere Condo include the Orchard Parade which is a street fair showcasing a number of local crafts and food products. Another attraction is the Singapore Zoo. There is also the Orchard amusement park which offers mechanical rides, laser shows, and a variety of shows. Other places of interest are the Night Safari, Tattoo City, the Oriental Pearl, the Singapore Botanic Garden, the Water Parks, the Night Bazaar, and the Foodworld.

Orchard near to Riviere Frasers has a lot to offer for both day and night tours. For those who want to see the nightlife, Orchard presents several live bands that play all night long. Orchard Road is lined with nightclubs and bars for those who love dancing. However, if you want to spend your time at the spa or the library, Orchard is also a good place for that. The hotels and resorts here cater to different clientele.

Orchard near Riviere has a great range of activities. Those who want to swim in the Orchard Bay can do so from the Orchard International Marina. If you are into sports and fitness, you can practice your martial arts and yoga at the Yacht Club. And if you are into water sports and watersports in general, Orchard is the perfect destination for you. You can find many resorts and hotels here that offer such amenities.

Orchard is best known for its shopping. This area is located in the middle of the country, in the northern part of the Singapore River. There are many small and big malls here that offer affordable clothing and accessories. Orchard Road is the location of the country’s most popular malls. Some of these include eviction, Primrose, and Ann Siang.

Orchard also has its very own theme park. Orchard Adventure Park lies on Orchard Road, across the road from Yacht Club. Here, you will get to experience the wonders of indoor and outdoor theme park. You can also go to the Orchard Swing and the Orchard Bridge to enjoy Singapore’s nightlife. Orchard is also home of the Singapore Zoo and the Sentosa Island.

Orchard is not only all about shopping, as other nearby places offer. Orchard is also home to an ethnic Chinese enclave, which is referred to as Little China. The Little China is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a fascinating place to see. A walk along the Little China border will take you to a unique experience.

Orchard is indeed a great place to go to for a holiday. But, it is advised to plan your trip well in advance. You should come up with a list of things that you need to take with you. If you are planning to go for a full vacation, there are packages that will make your trip cheaper.

A walk down Orchard Road Market can be very enjoyable and interesting. Not only that, the place also offers a wide variety of restaurants, bakeries and gift shops. You will find many Asian food restaurants here. Orchard Road is also a shopping area where you can shop for unique products and antique.

Singapore is known for its festivals. Orchard Shopping Festival is one of the most celebrated shopping areas in the country. Besides that, Orchard Food Festival is held during the month of April. So, if you are craving for Singaporean food, this is the best time to go and taste the real taste.